zaterdag 4 december 2010

The Alaska Experiment & Out of the Wild.

With a couple of centimetres of snow the Dutch society comes to a hold. Like Monday when we had the longest traffic jam ever. And yesterday the KNMI, the Dutch national weather forecasting service issued a code orange. Not because of the World Cup bid because the weather would be awful. Nothing happened and on the same day the code orange got repealed. I wonder how other country's cope with snow or winter for that matter.

So on advice of Her Majesty's weather forecasting’s service I stayed home and watched the Alaska Experiment. The story is quite easy a group of nine people gets dropped in the Alaskan wilderness and they have to survive and hike out. The funny part is when you seen what they take with them. Nothing says Ultra light more then a Dutch oven!!

Out of the wild is the second season of the Alaska Experiment the first season is harder to find. But still very nice. The first season is more bush craft then hiking oriented because the people stay in their shelters for three months and you see them preparing for winter.

And for all the Dutch and Belgian followers een fijne Sinterklaas (morgen) en om alvast in de stemming te komen deze klassieker.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I watched that a few months ago. It's a fun show, but I couldn't help laughing. They cover 60 miles in a month, and often the bombastic narrator says ridiculous things like "After a gruelling 3 mile hike they finally reach the shelter where they will rest for the next three days." Admittedly, when they run out of food it's a different matter, but still... Three whole miles a day!

  2. On your recommendation I've now watched both seasons and thought it was quite entertaining. I actually found it hard to sympathise for several reasons. One was that it was quite obvious that they had quite a support team around them, secondly they were often quite stupid. When thinking about it however it must have been quite hard. Despite them getting some supplies at the cabins they were really not eating much at all.

  3. @ Mark: I had the same feeling about season 2. Sometimes I was thinking leave all the heavy gear behind and they could have done it in one week max.

    @ Tor: I agree with your comments. Have you seen season 1? There they did some real dumb things.