zaterdag 19 februari 2011

Drei Waldkönigen.

Last weekend two friends and me went to Waldkönigen, a small village near Daun in the Eifel. Just for a weekend, hiking, bush crafting being out and especially just getting a way from day to day life.

The plan? There wasn't one just taking the map, walk look on the map and walk for a bit more. East, South, North, West, going left near the Totenmaar and going right near the big lava pile. And running away from the open-cast that was raping the landscape.

After a day of rambling we where looking for a nice place to spend the night. We found a piece of pine forest near a spring. Well away from the forest roads. We made our camp behind the root ball of a Scottish pine, we used some dead lying wood to screen of our campsite.

After we made camp I used my axe to take down a dead standing pine for fire wood. Because everything on the floor was to wet to burn. I finally bought an axe and I quite happy with it, is a Husqvarna all-round axe. You can compare it size wise with a Gransfors Forrest axe, only its costs half. I don't know much about axes but some that knows more about it has done a review here. The only thing I didn't realize when I ordered the Husqvarna was that is was so big and heavy. The first 45 cm fits nicely in my backpack but then there are still sticking 15 cm out. And people give you quite strange looks if your are walking trough town with an axe on your pack. And don't get me started if you will take it in public transport.

After we completed our campsite its was time to light the fire and made dinner. We also used all are water so we needed to boil the water before we could safely drink it. After we filled all our bottles I went to bed, the night before I had a party and slept only for three hours. It was the first night that I used my new tarp, the solo tarp that I got from Thomas. The tarp is a prefect size solo tarp and it's a lot lighter than my old builder's tarp that I used before. So thank you very much Thomas!

After a good night sleep we woke up by the barking of a deer. A very nice way to wake up. Once we broke up camp we cleaned the campsite and you couldn't tell we where ever there. After leaving the camp site we walked for 5 minutes and then we had breakfast. So if a Forrester would ask we where just some ramblers who got up very early and we started this morning in the neighbouring village.

When we finished our breakfast we where going for the long way home. On our way back we came a cross some nice caves, maybe next time we will sleep over there.

Maybe next time.....