vrijdag 12 november 2010

Seven ways to pass the time of day

Being unemployed for al most 2 weeks really gets under my skin sometimes so my seven was to past the time of day:


Sleeping and getting out of bed.


Go for a run, check my mail, check my favourite websites for news and stuff and check sites like Monsterboard for jobs.


Doing things that should be done a long time a go. So here it goes: My review of the Optimus Crux Lite & Terra Solo Cooking System.

Many many moons ago I participate in het Optimus pass around organised by Hendrik of Hiking in Finland. After a fantastic review by Joe from Thunder In The Night there isn’t much I can add to it but anyway here are my thoughts on it.

The Optimus Crux Lite: What can you say about a stove? It works the way it should. The Optimus stove is faster then and lighter than the stove I was used to, the Markill Hotshot. But I found it harder to let the Optimus stove simmer, it was full on or off. Maybe it was because I wasn’t used to the Optimus. In responding I also didn’t like the control switch.

The Dutch magazine Op Pad reviewed some gas stoves some time ago and called the Optimus Crux as the test winner. You can find the movie which contain the results here.

The Terra Solo Cooking System: I found the pot too small for my needs, if you only use it to boill water it should be fine, but I used it to cook a cheap 5 minute pasta meal from the supermarket which requires 0,5 litres of water and it won’t fit in one go. The pot is designed to fit a 110 gram gas cartridge, but I found it quit hard to find a 110 gram cartridge, my locale outdoor store only sells 220 or bigger. I can’t blame the pot for that but. But still. The bigger cartrigdes are also cheaper to use and it reduce your waste. The lid of the pot is a nice options but I don’t think somebody will ever use it as a fry pan because it is way to small. I argee which Joe and I think it would be better if they make the pot bigger and dropp the fry pan lid.

So if it was the reall world and it was my own money I wouldn’t buy the set. For the same amount of money I would get Primus Litech one litre pot. It is a bit heavier but also bigger. I think it would be more usefull. Or save a bit longer and buy instead of the Primus Litech a titanium pot. The stove is fine I think you must getting used to it.


Planning weekend trips, thinking about thru hiking the Pieterpad, the original Dutch long distance hiking trail and making and modifying my gear. Examples and trip reports will follow...


Check mail, check my favourite websites for news and stuff and check sites like Monsterboard for jobs. Again.


Cooking, since I'm home a cook a lot. Not only fancy things like Boeuf Bourgoin. But I'm also creative with couscous for when I'm out on the trail. And making other trail foods likes snacks and non couscous dinners.


watching this clip on YouTube and waiting...

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