vrijdag 17 december 2010

Everything Weighs Something.

I'm probably the worst lightweight backpacker ever. I have never and I mean never weight all my gear. Most people start by doing that but not me. So from today I break the ban and start weighting all my gear and start making gear lists.

This weekend I'm going to hike a piece of the North Sea Trail. I'm starting in Den Haag and I will see how far I get. It will be a two day walk and I'm hoping to cover 25-35 kilometres.

I included my packing list in this post, as well as an explanation why I carry certain stuff.

Backpack Golite Jam2: I removed the foambackplate and use the BW folding sleeping pad as a frame. The NeoAir I use for comfort.
Sleeping Bag Marmot Couloir is a bit of an over kill, the weather forecast is minus 5. But this is the only sleeping bag I have that will keep me warm. I have bought it for a trip to Norway.

The Six Moons Design Lunar Solo replaces my Coleman Rigel X2 tent. The Lunar solo I bought on Marktplaats (the Dutch EBay) and used it a couple of nights and I like it better then the Coleman. It isn't bigger but I like the fact that it is higher and that it has a small vestibule.
The Carbon pole I need to put up the tent because I don't use walking sticks.

The North Face Women's Venture Pants. I bought this rain pants sometime ago. I tried them on in the store and it fits fine. When I got home I found out that is was the women’s model.

Quechua Soft Shell Bionnassay. I got those at the Decathlon. The Jacket was €60 and the trousers €50. They are not the lightest soft shells but at that price there are the best. Clever design and very durable. I have them for over a year and they are like new. Washed them a couple of times and they still shed water like on day one. When I'm wearing my soft shell clothing I almost never use my rain gear.

Map and Compass you don't really needs those but I like to have a map with me and I use the mirror on the compass to put my contact in and out.

The reason I packed a saw is that I am hoping to make a fire and a saw is very convenient when your are gathering wood.

If you have any questions or comments about my list. Feel free to ask them.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hope all went well. Got a nice dose of winter weather on my bit of the NST. If you were out in what I was watching through the window it will have put your six moons shelter to the test.

  2. All went well. I must say I learnt a lot the last two days. The shelter worked well but it was a lot smaller this morning.

    Pictures and a report will follow

  3. Als je je uitrusting wil gaan wegen, is het misschien handig als je op de site: www.gramgears.com kijkt. Een leuk programma om je gegevens bijeen te houden. Aanmelden is gratis. Ik gebruik het regelmatig en maak een nieuwe lijst voor nieuwe tochten. Aleen maar slepen!
    Groeten, Marianne

  4. Hoi Marianne,

    Ik heb ook naar programma's gekeken maar het nadeel van zulke programma vond ik dat ik alsnog alles zelf moest wegen en toevoegen.

    Met mijn zelf gebouwde Excelsheet kan ik zelf ook lijsten laten aanmaken door op bepaalde waardes te laten selecteren.