woensdag 8 september 2010

In the Danish Mountains.

The first week of our holiday we spend near Mons Klint in Denmark. We stayed at the campsite near the Geocenter. From the campsite to the Geocenter was a nice walk of 3 kilometres.

To get to Mons Klint we needed to go through an old beech forest. In the forest there also was a nice MTB route which we did.

Mons Klint was very impressive. It is always nice to see nature that isn't in control by humans. Because the shore is made of lime it isn't very strong so the elements have a real big influence on the landscape.

Views form above

We followed a lovely route which starts at the Geocenter and follows the shore, halfway we took the stairs down and walked back to the Geocenter following the coastline.

The traces of erosion

The force of nature

I would like to come back in the autumn when the sky isn't blue and when the winds are strong.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Møns klint is a fantastic area and with careful selection there are many ideal wild campsites. Being on the North Sea Trail enables many overnight or longer trips in the area.

    Looking forward to more reports

  2. I really enjoyed the area, the original plan was to spend a day of 2 maybe 3 but we stayed all most a week!

    The next report will be about the Skaneleden.