woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Did you know what I did this summer?

mer, it feels like it is a million miles way. If I look through my window it feels more like autumn. I'm now back for 2 weeks and working and it feels like I didn't went.

But I did. The first week of my summer holiday I spend in the Danish mountains, near Mons Klint

The second week I spend in Sweden hiking a section of the Skaneleden which was nice but a bit boring, too much Asphalt and I didn't really get the back to nature feel like I experienced on my last trips in Norway and Sweden. It was too civilized, shelters with fireplaces and a woodsupply and even a loo!!

The last week of my holiday I went to Berlin and the Harz because the weather expectations in Sweden where poor. Berlin is very nice city and I really can recommend it. The only downside I could find a proper outdoor store. Only Jack Wolfskin stores which are too German. The Harz was very nice and I have made some really nice daytrips.

The coming weeks I will post a more comprehensive report about my trip.

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