dinsdag 29 november 2011

Vålådalen part deux

I'm sooooooooo sorry!

So lets take it up where we left it, the Pyramidema. We made there a big or little mistake it all depends how you will view it. The big mistake was that we went straight for Lunndorrsstugorna and didn't spend time walking around the Issjodalen. The positive side is that we have a good reason to go back someday.

We camped near Lunndorrsstugorna and when we waked up the weather wasn't too nice, still a bit tired from the trip we decided to take it easy, sleep a bit longer and made it a nice relaxing day. Later that day it still rained and we where tired of hanging around and went out for a walk. We left the tent and most of our gear behind a walked to the Lunndortspasset. Half way the river and the track became one and where there should be a bridge only part of the foundation remained.

So we returned too the cabin at Lunndorrsstugorna bought some thing to eat and drink a talked with the host and enjoyed the warmth of the fireplace. Later that afternoon the weather changed and it became dry. To dry our wet clothes and shoes I build a fire. I was quite a challenge but fortunately there where some fire trees that kept there lower branches dry and fire lighting became a lot easier. Didn't use the stove did it Ray Mears style wicked!.

Later that evening we enjoyed a some very nice skies

The following morning the weather was nice again and we packed our gear and we decided to go to Valastugerna. Witch was a nice and very diverse walk. Some times I got the feeling I was walking somewhere much more remote, like Alaska. I have never bin there but it was how I imagined it.

I was a very nice walk with big rivers to cross and after some climbing we reached some alpine grounds with where truly beautiful.

And there we say our first Reindeer and we made hundreds of pictures of it fare away not realizing that in the days that followed, we saw much more Reindeers and even closer. We even had one on our plates in Helags!

That night we camped near the river just before Vålåstugan. We went for a very cold but refreshing swim and warmed our self’s by the fire.

The following day we went to Vålåstugan a horribele piece of hiking warm no wind and a lot of mosquitoes. But after Vålåstugan it became better less threes so more wind and even better no mosquitoes.

From we walkt to Gåsan, a nice piece of hiking very rugged I loved it. We Camped halfway.

In Gåsan we bouht a new map because we walked off the old one. We used a Lantmåteriets Fjållkarta (Z7 åre vålådalen bydalen) for the first leg. And for the second leg we use the map Jåmtlandsfjållen made bij Calazo. The map made by Calazo I liked better because it was printed on Tyvek. Otherwise there were no differences. The host in Gåsan was very nice and talked quite a lot with him.

That´s all for now more will follow............ Some day I promise.

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