woensdag 16 juni 2010

Last weekend part one: gear

Last weekend I went with some members of the Dutch Naturfreunde for a hike. The goal was the hike 25 km a day and to sleep in the open air.

When I got at the starting point I soon found out that I was the only one who used a daypack for this overnighter.

I used a Vaude Allalin 24 as pack, not the most suited pack but this is the one I got.

To sleep I used a Dutch army bivi bag, witch is great, its made of Gore-Tex so it breaths very well. But the major down side is it weight more than a kilo!! I have a Coleman 2 person tent that weighs less. I'm looking to replace the bivibag with a Alpkit Hunka or a homemade.
Inside the bivibag i used a Lafuma warm and light 600 down bag. The sleeping bag is excellent. I have used this bag at the Fjallraven Classic in 2008 and last year on the Hadangarvidda and count less weekend trips and never waked up because I was cold. Inside the sleeping bag I using a poly cotton sleeping bag liner. I will replace this liner very soon for a silk one. And I slept on my short Neo Air. Under neat my Neo Air I used a closed cell foam mat because I'm afraid to puncture my Neo air. I sound stupid I know. The closed cell foam mat is also nice luxury during breaks so I'm willing to carry it with me.

For footwear I used my Inov8 330 terrocs. Which were great. The only downside was that my feet goy really hot and I got a heat rash on my left feet. I blame the socks not the shoes. I will try different socks next time and I hope the rash was a one time event. The Inov8 are really comfy and this was the first time I walked great distance in them.
Clothing, I was wearing noting special cheap zip off trousers and a merino wool base layer. When I got windy or colder I used my soft-shell jacket.

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  1. No Nibe you don't sound stupid - the opposite, really! I think it is just smart to use a CCF mat under the NeoAir, because you really do not want to have the (expensive!) NeoAir punctured by some stones or sharp stuff. What are the next things you're thinking to get in terms of lightweight gear?

  2. Hey Hendrik,

    I just bought some Tyvek from the kitestore. And I will try to make a bivi bag out of it. To replace my old one. I that goes well I will buy some spinaker to make a tarp.

    The next thing om my list to buy will be a new backpack. My current one is a Berghaus Vulcan (3kg). But I find I difficult to buy it with out seeing en feeling it. And I don't know witch size it must be. It will be many used for weekends (three seasons). But it would be nice is it was capable to hold food supply’s for a week. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi Nibe,
    I also have a short NeoAir and youse a CCF mat too. I sleep much better on the NeoAir than on my Artiach Skin which I sold. My Bivy bag is the Rab ultra bivy which you could find @ http://www.ultralightoutdoorgear.co.uk/ .

    My backpack is a Golite Jam2 2009 edition. thats far away from UL hiking, I know, but I have to plan over my other gear before buying a new backpack. I hope Laufbursche starts his shop this year.... but back to backpack ;) I hiked the West Highland Way last month in 7 days without food refill. Got the whole gear and food from first day on in the Jam and it worked very well.

    Greetings from germany!!

  4. Hi Hikinglight,

    Sorry couldn't find a name on your blog.

    I did look for Rab ultra light bivy but I’m trying to make one. If it fails what probably will happen I will give it a second look. Or I will go for a Laufbursche.

    I have looked for the Golight Jam and I thought it was very nice pack with a lot of luxury options. The weight isn't too bad, it is around 800 gram, correct me if I'm wrong. What is on the border of UL. Maybe this weekend I will drive to Sackundpack and will look for it.
    It makes sense to buy your pack at last because then you know how much space you need.

    I'm looking forward to read your trip report on WHW.

    Greetings from The Netherlands !!!

  5. I will post the WHW report soon!

    In case you buy the Jam, go for the 2009 model(740g in M). My Jam in size L is about 770g. The 2010 in M is 880g! Sackundpack reduced the price for the 2009 version to 88 Euro.

  6. Strange, that the 2010 model is heavier than the 2009 model. You would think new = improved = better = lighter.

    But thank you for your advice!