zaterdag 3 april 2010

Woodgas stove

Being Dutch you don't going to spend nearly 70 euro's for a Bushcooker or even 115 dollars (CAD) for a Bushbuddy that is in fact just a wood burning stove (I know it more fuel efficient than a normal woodstove). Even when after purchase the fuel will be free for ever!

So I decided to make my own stove form some old cans. The internet is full with manuels on how to build a stove like a Bushbuddy or a Bushcooker. Google it and you will find it. So I did.

To cut the crap, I suspect mine isn’t that good, it was more a wood smoker, the complete garden disappeared in a big cloud of smoke. So I will modify it and try again.

Pictures will follow after the smoke is gone!!!

Btw if you are to lazy to Google here is a good link

Happy Easter !

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